Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter

Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter

Green Tea Leaves Clumping Cat Litter has 100% natural odor control, superior absorbancy, smaller and lighter clumps, and is compostable.

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Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter

Green Tea Leaves uses 100% recycled industrial wood byproducts, along with recycled industrial tea leaves. With catechin (a tannin and natural astringent found in green tea leaves) it naturally eliminates odor without the use of any chemicals to keep your litter box smelling fresh, and helps protect your cat's health. Green Tea Leaves Litter is compostable, 100% natural with no chemicals added, small, light clumps for efficiency and less waste, superior absorbancy, very low dust, natural odor control, and one-third the weight of conventional clay litters.