This place is a hidden gem! I usually get food and accessories for my cat at other big chains in Manhattan as well as "niche" boutiques with hard to find items. However, I live in Astoria and stumbled upon the Whiskers website. I was thrilled to see that this store carries all of the hard to find brands of cat food such as Ziwipeak, Applaws, and Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Frozen bits! I must say that aside from the plethora of cat food, toys and accessories, the customer service is first-rate as well..."

-Kenne K, Astoria, NY

We came here after hearing a cousin tell us her success story with her dog's arthritis pain. Her story was nothing short of a miracle, so we came in expecting a great store. Our expectations were exceeded. When our cats get sick, this is the first place we go. The staff members here give amazing advice and will be honest with you about when the vet is your only option. They know a lot about the products, food and local vets in the area...

-Heather G., Toledo, OH

Whisker has an excellent selection of holistic products, great staff, delivery, AND open on xmas ... Plus a kitty "rescue ranch"!


My favorite pet store in the city, by far, is the estimable if uncreatively named Whiskers...

The owners are incredibly knowing about holistic petcare, and very generous with that knowledge. They have an amazing selection of byproducts-free (pet)food. And they deliver--even to Brooklyn!



I am in awe of the generosity, compassion and sheet genius of Joe, Phil and whole staff at Whiskers. I am absolutely overcome with gratitude that I found the help I needed for my baby Hades! Thank you for your dedication, knowledge & expertise. - Aurora


A few weeks before I am in to see you a vet told me my cat needed to be euthanized because she was in renal failure. Instead, I took her home and began to give her subcutaneous fluids which picked her up some. After coming in and talking to you (Whiskers) I began to give her RenAvast. Almost immediately I saw significant improvement. She is eating much better and more active. I cannot thank you enough. I will be telling everyone I know about you and this product. - Susan O

I always take my dog Liberace to this holistic pet store. I'm doing my best to turn him into a crunchy lesbian, too, He likes his dog biscuits. - Simon Doonan


As you know we visit New York every September on our annual holiday. It is not easy to convey the "miracle" you worked for our Golden, Kellie and thereby for us. When we left Ireland for holiday we left in low spirits. Kellie had reached a point with arthritis where she could hardly move her back legs and she had to be lifted up to get on them. She was only 9 years old. Towards the end of our visit we were walking towards Tompkins Square Park when we happened to see your shop sign. We decided we had nothing to lose and would try anything for Kellie. Two and half hours later - after much skepticism and questioning on our part, explanation and patience on yours, we left with a programme and supplies for Kellie and headed home to Ireland with hope. At home we followed your programme precisely. The transformation over the next few months was spectacular. Kellie became her age again. It had to be seen to be believed. And friends who had seen her state just months before remarked on the change... the reaction of non-dog people is the best testimony I can convey about the Whiskers programme. The arrival of our regular orders, always shipping on time, is an event for celebration by all of us. Ongoing adjustments made following phone consultations continues to ensure Kellie has a "dogs life" and we have Kellie. For that we can only say thank you so much - Saranna, Connell & Mary


I just wanted to write and thank you for the years of service you have provided for our pets. My German Shepherd, Matthias, is now 17 years old and he is alive today because of your advice and care. You and Whiskers are a gift to the poet community. - Neda S.


I am writing you and your wonderful staff to say THANK YOU for restoring my dog 'Coco-Chanel' back to good health. ... the doctors all told me there was NO CURE for her allergies, she is allergic to everything! If anyone would have told me seven months ago when my dog was at her worst that all you have to do is CHANGE HER DIET to raw foods and add some supplements, I would have laughed at their naivete. How could anyone possibly cure a dog by diet alone and not use all kinds of drugs. I now have a perfectly healthy dog that is on NO MEDICATION, does not shed, never touches her paws or rubs her face, no more ear infections and for eight years old, acts like a young, energetic dog once again. I can not thank you and your staff enough for the countless LONG conversations, your amazing patience and more importantly your superior knowledge regarding animal health. Whiskers is a blessing from heaven!  -- Sheila S.