Smakers Cheese Treat Stick for Rodents

Smakers Cheese Treat Stick for Rodents

Smakers Small Animal Treat sticks are prepared exclusively with natural ingredients and are formed to take care of the animal's teeth and stimulate natural foraging behavior. Treats are dehydrated, not baked to maximize vitamins and nutrients.

Create high quality, natural ingredients that supplement and compliment the bird or small animal's daily diet.

Shaped to encourage natural eating and foraging habits in the wild.

80% handmade, machines are used to dry the product at a low temperature to retain vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Not baked.

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Smakers Cheese Treat Stick for Rodents 

INGREDIENTS:  Wheat, Wheat Flour, Flax Seed, Freeze-Dried Cheese (2,3%), Dried Parsnip