Whiskers Holistic Petcare has offered pet owners alternatives to mainstream pet products since 1988. In our brick and mortar stores there is a glass cabinet filled with products derived from Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. Pet owners are eager to find out what these CBD products are all about. In this section you will find treats and cookies, supplements, vitamins, chews, topical ointments and salves... all of which contain CBD and/or Hemp Oils. Surveys show that most dog owners buy CBD to treat a condition that has been previously diagnosed by a veterinarian, like seizures, cancer, arthritis, or anxiety. And cat owners are looking at CBD to calm their cat or help increase appetite.

At Whiskers, there's a reason why CBD is sold in a place where customers have to ask before they buy. We agree there is a place for CBD in pet wellness, but it's not the panacea that a newly interested public perceives it to be. This is why we strongly recommend if you see something in this section that interests you, you call and speak to one of our Holistic Advisors before you order.

We have done the research for you by choosing products that have a good track record, have the appropriate amount of CBD , and aren't mixed with other ingredients which can confuse you. Call us at 1-800-WHISKERS and we can discuss your concerns about what your pet really needs.

"When something like CBD comes along, and everyone thinks it's the miracle cure, you'll see people who will get on the bandwagon and others that will sell it because of the money," Klein says. "CBD is a great ingredient that can be very successfully used for different ailments. However it is not a cure-all and you need to have someone help guide you."

Randy Klein, Owner - Whiskers Holistic Petcare

*Please Note: All CBD purchases are accepted by paying with cash, check, or Venmo only.