Food glorious Food! There's nothing better than watching your pet eat their meals and really really enjoy it now is there! How often does your cat scratch over the plate or simply walk away as if saying to you, I don't like what you're serving tonight. And how often has your dog eaten a meal only to throw up or have lose stool immediately after? Whiskers is here to help you choose the best diet for your pets' health and enjoyment. If there are brands you're not sure about, call us. For 30 years we've helped thousands of pet owners find just the right balance so help with disease and ailments of all kinds. If you don't see your food here, call us... [it may have slipped off the page]. And did you know our prices are the same whether you shop on-line or in our stores. We do not price gauge and in most instances we are cheaper than all the other on-line shopping sites. Compare our prices. If we are higher call us, maybe we can meet or beat it! Don't forget you get 5% off when you buy by the case of 24, although if you only want to try it, you can simply buy 1 can or 1 small bag.